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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Excitement, Anticipation and Longing...

I just found out today that I will be getting DSL hooked up on the 28th, the same day I lose my current inter-net connection! I'm sooooo glad there'll be no lag-time!

I'm also drooling over all things my new computer will be able to do that this one can't. Like play music while on-line without skipping (at least, not as much). Like being able to view all the cool stuff other people tell me about without it taking 20 minutes to watch 30 seconds worth of video. Like being able to talk on the phone and be on-line at the same time. Like my computer not messing up my homework and then sending it anyway.

Ah... Life will be good once the up-grading process is complete. And if I keep telling myself this I'm almost convinced the process will be a smooth one. Almost. But this is my life we're talking about...


At 4/23/2006 10:43 PM, Blogger Lisa Renee said...

Yes, you will finally be able to view all of the silly videos that I have!


At 4/24/2006 12:22 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Indeed I will!


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