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Friday, May 12, 2006

What I Learned at the Hospital...

Perhaps, my "I'm back" messages were premature. Because, well... I'm not quite as back as I'd like to be. But, better late than never...

5) Sprecher's Rootbeer probably has sasparilla in it, either that or I really wanted it to and my body is that susceptible to psychological pressure.

Explanation: Since shortly before my third son was born I've had gall stones. Long story short, I opted out of surgery and use sasparilla to treat the condition, an Indian (from India) folk-medicine. I had an attack while at the hospital, and of course I'd left my sasparilla at home. Knowing that sasparilla is in rootbeer, I searched for the least highly processed rootbeer they had and Sprecher's was it. It worked, thus... Sprecher's has sasparilla even if it's not on the ingredients list.

4) The Movie "Ever After" is still cool, even on a tiny screen that's way too high up in the air.

Explanation: It's a movie that presents itself as the real Cinderella story. It's a good movie, that gets far enough away from the fairy tale version to be neither particular gross (in the original version there's quite a bit of blood) nor does it include magic mice. It was a pleasant distraction from the discomfort my surroundings while my son slept off his own discomfort.

3) Freedom of movement is relative.

Explanation: My few non-married, non-parent friends tend to not get how I could get around and do things with kids. Children just cramp their style too much. Yet, after being in the hospital... where I have to wear an identification badge just to leave the immediate area, where I have to call a security guard to let me in from having a cigarette, where I am absolutely surrounded by strangers who either ignore me completely or pay way too much attention to me... parenting is definitely not restricting in comparison.

2) Chairs that turn into beds are NOT comfortable, but if you're tired enough (and I was) they'll do.

Explanation: They had this over-sized plastic chair--that, btw, wasn't a comfortable chair either--in my son's room that folded out to be a very un-level bed. I took a nap on it while my son slept immediately after the surgery (I'd been up for sixteen hours already, because sleep and I are still not on good terms) and then slept again for the night. It hurt, but it was sleep, precious sleep.

1) I am NOT looking forward to returning for two weeks this fall.

Explanation: We are tentatively planning to admit my son (the same one) into the hospital for two weeks this fall to re-train his eating habits, so that he'll eat a normal variety of nutritious foods (Pop-Tarts and Goldfish crackers, while delicious, do not make for a balanced diet). I had been thinking that it might be a nice, mini-vacation for me. Laugh. Go ahead. I deserve it. But, really, two weeks just me and Alex, with no cooking....are NOT worth it.

All in all, though, Alex is doing well. He was off pain medication as of Monday. Despite being listless and uncooperative in the hospital--barely drinking anything and not eating at all--he was almost back to his normal self the same day we came home. The first thing he did when he got into the house was go get a stick of mozzarella cheese and gobble it down, followed by three more and several cups of milk. Yes, he is a Wisconsinite, isn't he? Now, he's doing fantastically. No bleeding. No discomfort. No vomiting. A win-win for all of us.


At 5/14/2006 4:16 AM, Blogger David Schantz said...

I hate hospitals, it seems like someone from this family is there all the time. The Grand Daughter is staying with us for a while, in her 7th month now. I was thinking of you earlier, Happy Mothers Day!

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

At 5/15/2006 12:37 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thank you...while you're wishing Happy Mothers Days wish your granddaughter a Happy Mothers day from me! :D


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