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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Exhausted, but Back

Hello all!

Sorry for the lengthy wait between posts. I am just finishing my most recent college term, in which I had to study algebra, which I hated, and composition, which I loved. Unfortunately, I had to spend most of my time focused on the algebra, ick! But, though my final grades have not yet been posted, I'm confident that I managed to maintain my 4.0. Yay for me!

So, now it's time to catch up. Along with understanding (almost) algebra for the first time, I've had the pleasure of writing a research paper as my final. I chose neurodiversity for my topic, and my first draft was fifteen pages long -- unfortunate, because the assignment was for a 5 - 7 page paper! So, I repeatedly tried to narrow my focus, managed to do it in six pages, and decided that I obviously have to write a book about this, because there's just so much to say and I couldn't find a single book on this topic. Not one single book!

I also started writing a second novel, which will hopefully turn out better than my first novel -- so, I have lots of writing ahead of me. And, oddly enough, I'm very happy about that. Happiness isn't a frequent emotion, I'm more of a contented person than a happy one, so despite the hard work I've been putting in, this has been a happy ending for me -- with a new beginning on top of it.

I'm not going to be posting (at this time) my essay, because my instructor, who has not yet read it, thinks it might be publishable, both because she was apparently impressed with my writing abilities and also because of the subject matter. So, if she has ideas of how to get the piece published professionally, then I must wait on posting it here. Nothing ruins the publishability of piece more than publishing it on the world wide web first! However, if anyone of you wants to read it, feel free to e-mail me and I'll send it to you; all I ask is that you return it with feedback, and don't be afraid to be brutual. Better you, my friends, than an editor, right?

The world has also been moving steady along without my commentary, go figure. The numerous conflicts in the Middle East have been raging and waging and fighting as usual, with equally typical discussions on how to stop the strife. The borders were "plugged," well, sort of. An important vote concerning the sanctity of life is coming up in South Dakota. And that's not including the various scandals: from Foley, to Katsav, from Shanghai, to stock options. Isn't any wonder I now think corruption is the worlds biggest problem?!?

Ah, well. At least there are no scandals here at home. Oh, wait -- there are! 'Tis the season for smearing!


At 10/22/2006 4:47 AM, Blogger David Schantz said...

WELCOME BACK. You have been missed. I haven't been posting as much as usual myself. We have house guest. Our Grand-Daughter and Great-Grand-Daughter are staying with us for a while. Playing with a Great-Grand-Child is much more fun than taking classes. I'm looking forward to reading you opinion on some of the latest scandals and corruption.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

At 10/22/2006 5:00 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thank you very much, David. I'm glad to be back! :-)

I'm making the rounds to all my friends, but it's a lengthy process. If I don't get to your blog tonight (tomorning?), then I will definitely get there tomorrow. It depends on how long my stamina lasts...and how sore my fingers get.

And, btw, I got the grade for the paper I need your permission to write, and I got 100% and she said she wished she could of given me more, so it was a great success -- thank you very much!


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