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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I have my final grades back for last term. I got 100% in Algebra (thank you, extra credit!) and a 99.5% in Composition I, so I have officially maintained my 4.0. Which is something that's motivating me a lot more than straight A's did in high school or before. I guess it's because I know that putting "Straight A's" on a resume for high school isn't going to mean crap; but putting Summa Cum Laude just might.

The down-side is my final project for my Comp class seems to have disappeared. I got credit for it, but I didn't get any commentary. My instructor for Comp was great at commentary. Not so much in telling me what I did wrong, because, well, it's Comp I and my writing is quite good enough for Comp I, but she does tell me what I did right, which I can then do more of. Besides, this is also the essay that has grown into a book in my mind, and knowing what she thought could have been very helpful. Alas!


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