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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Hazards of Toys

I was going to post about something else, and it truly seemed pressing at the time, but alas I have forgotten what that was. You see, for my children's therapy they have a bin of beans. These are dried beans that they dig their hands it with toys to desensitize their hands. It's kind of like a portable sandbox -- with beans.

And, well, Ben has one up his nose now. So far in the wonderful world of parenting, I've been spared those wonderful trips to Urgent Care due to such minor crises. Not so any more.

I called Ask-A-Nurse, because I figured there has to be a better way to remove a bean from a child's nose than to go through the lengthy, exhausting process of going to the Emergency Room (which, in my town, on a weekend, is the only Urgent Care available). I mean, c'mon, it's a bean. He's not choking. Obviously he doesn't like it, but it's a rather minor crisis. Still, unless I find another means, that seems to be what's available.

Anyway, I called Ask-A-Nurse, and after waiting a good fifteen minutes or so, I got to talk to an actual nurse. She was obviously exhausted, in a worn, weary sort of way. I'm sure the people before had more serious problems than mine. I know this, because she started the conversation with (after asking for my son's name and accessing the information on her computer), "Oh good! He's got a bean in his nose!"

Of course, she caught herself right away. And, luckily for her, I'm usually not an "obnoxious parent" type, because I didn't lay into while she was apologizing, which is exactly what she expected me to do. But, it's just a bean. And, it's rather silly, because it's the second bean, which I told her.

So, hopefully she has a better day. Me, I'm calling my nurse-practitioner-mother-in-law and seeing if I can to an at-home bean-ectomy before I have to go to Urgent Care.


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