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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mark Foley -- A Burning Scandal

A fellow blogger expressed interest in my thoughts and comments on some of the recent scandals, sinced I'd been out of the loop for a while.

In searching for current material, this shouted for my attention. Now, as some of you are aware, I don't watch television, so I'm usually spared the Fox (which is neither worse nor better, merely different, from other mainstream news media outlets, imo) spin machine's rants and raving loony statements. However, this was irresistable, so I made the fatal click.

The title is this: "Foley Investigation a Complex Task for Ethics Panel"

So, I have to ask: "What's so damned complex about taking care of a sexual predator/freak!?!"

After all, Habeus Corpus is suspended, so call him a terrorist, take him out back, and torture him! C'mon, how difficult is that?!? Besides, he's added serious and present danger to the life expectancy of the Republican's control of Congress; what better definition of terrorism could there be, right?

Okay, so I'm not really advocating that, but, well, maybe. Since we can...

Okay, so my tongue was firmly in my cheek there, but only because I don't see this (with the exception of gender) being any different from what Bill Clinton did with his various secretaries/interns. That being because none of my news sources have explicitly clarified whether House pages are or are not children. I'm assuming they're not, because were they I suspect someone would be shouting that from the roof-tops; however, I also seem to remember way back in the days of yon, House pages were children. So, if someone could clarify that for me, that would be super. (And if House pages are children, then the joke ceases to be funny, and can be taken quite seriously -- as a genuine recommendation.) But, so far as I understand, Foley got caught hunting for some adult male booty, which I don't see as being either better nor worse, merely different, from men hunting for some adult female booty.

Either way, it's still gross, wrong, and, dare I say it, illegal. Not to mention unbefitting of a representative of the American government; ahem, *cough*Clinton!*cough*.

That being said, I still don't see how it could be any more "complex" of a task than a typical investigation. Foley doesn't even have the excuse that he was embedding, no pun intended, his sexual overtures in top secret documents. It seems to me like Fox is trying oh so very hard to make this yittle problem go away, but sorry pals, this broke at *the* wrong time. The Republican-controlled Congress is all but history, and as much as I hate the fact that that means we're going to have a Democrat-controlled Congress (once again, neither better nor worse, merely different), it's still time for the Republicans to take a walk down those lonely Capitol steps, dragging their feet back to their home-states, that is if their home-states still want 'em back.


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