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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blue in Wisconsin

If voting was anti-climactic after all the research time I'd invested into my decisions, then the part where every campaign that I had any emotional investment in at all lost really sucked. Even slimy corruption doesn't necessarily get in the way of incumbents *ahem*DOYLE*gag*. The one incumbent I voted for won, but then again her opponent was against abortion because it killed consumers. I'd never heard a real person use that lame-ass excuse for a position, but now I have. Of all the reasons to be pro-life, that's the worst.

Anyway, Wisconsin is dramatically, and despicably blue...again. 'Cause, well, it did sooo wonderfully for us for the last few years. Now we get to repeat it all. I cannot tell you how much I wish Mark Green had won.

Anyway, ironies being what they are, the Marriage Amendment survived its first round. So, while Wisconsin may be blue, the sanctity of marriage is a strong belief state-wide. Also, it looks like there's a thumbs up for the very limited version of the death penalty. And, the local high schools got their funding. So, while the people-portion of the ballot sucked from my perspective, some interesting results came out of this election cycle.

Though, my overwhelming feeling is still the bitter, bile-ick-stic nature of Doyle's triumph. I really, really didn't want to deal with any more of his double-fisted, back-handed, deceiptful, government-for-sale crap. But, on the bright side, the Attorney General election hasn't been called, so we still might get a an attorney willing to investigate Doyle's shady dealings, let alone prosecute if possible.


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