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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today is the day to vote, unless you've already voted absentee. Most of the time I advocate becoming an educated voter. However, today I don't really care. Go. Vote. I don't care who or what you vote for, just vote. It's more than a right, it's also an important responsibility of a citizen of every democratic republic. If you don't vote, you hardly have reason to bitch about it afterwards. If you don't like who's on the ballot, write someone in. Show you care and vote.


At 11/07/2006 6:24 PM, Blogger Me4Prez said...

I voted and I voted mainly against incumbents. Most of the incumbents here are conservative Republicans and made it easy. I did vote for a Republican incumbent, but his opponent is a bad choice. Plus, he and I have had some good debates where he avoided talking points and earned my respect. I am pretty sure I won all of them though ;-)

At 11/07/2006 7:18 PM, Blogger historymike said...

I voted for a couple of Repubs, but more Dems.

But hey - hug a Republican today. They need it.


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